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Public Relations/Event Marketing Services

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Publicity, whether for a seasoned business, startup, or a public figure, is an important element of gaining popularity. Your audience needs to find out about what you’re up to. Along with that, you need the news to be convincing enough that they are compelled to engage and interact.

Business Marketing Solutions Group can do that for you. We understand the needs of a constantly changing marketing and tough competition that is always evolving and multiplying. We can help you navigate and make a mark in this climate.

With a network consisting of journalists, bloggers, business owners, etc., we utilize digital channels to provide you enough coverage to get your name out there in front of your audience. Regardless of whether you’re a tech startup with an upcoming exhibition event or a budding influencer with a meet and greet to market, we can help bring you the attention you deserve.

We have put a lot of thought into creating a talented team with PR and marketing experts that know how to weave your brand’s story in a creative way and get it out to as many people as possible.

Our team has made it a point to work with businesses and people we love and believe in. Together, we can make things happen.

Public Relations Services

When you become a PR client with us, our efforts will be directed to telling your story and utilizing our creative outlets to bring more awareness to your cause and what you stand for. We gauge and understand your brand’s vision and send it forward.

Also, we know how good connections and media exposure are hard to come by. Our extensive network and connections with the right people allow us to bridge that gap. We used our industry expertise to create rounded PR campaigns that accelerate your growth.

Event Marketing Services

Any kind of even can go one of two ways. It can either be successful and a hit among everyone who attends it or it can go completely south and be an ordinary event that everyone forgets. So what makes an event successful?

It all begins with your marketing efforts. It’s obvious that no event is planned and executed in just one day or night. There is so much that goes into the even before the big day arrives. You need to engage your audience in a way that they are compelled to attend it.

We can help you make an ordinary night or day into an unforgettable event with all the bells and whistles required for a successful marketing campaign. It will not only give your brand a memorable event but also a chance to expand your horizons and interact with the right demographic.

Why PR/Event Marketing?

Unique content telling your brand’s story, creating a positive brand image

Press releases, blogs, digital advertisement, and invites to feature you in media

Multiple media placements

Event planning to get the word of mouth going to support your brand image

Maximizing your exposure with original promotions

Improving your bottom line with personalized PR campaigns

Work with us to Increase your Brand  Awareness

If you’re ready to start being heard, talk to one of our marketing moguls to begin converting consumers into customers.

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