Social Media Training

Facebook is currently the best social media platform to adequately put your message in front of your desired demographic. We will train your team on how to create and build custom audiences and construct content that grants more reception.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. It is best used for daily updates. There is a strong branding effect to using this social media outlet, and it is highly encouraged to use it in a proper way. We will show your team how to best create stories, use the tools and filters, and use proper hashtags.

Snapchat does not currently have as much reception in business, but it has a fantastic reception on a personal level. There is a little bit more of a barrier to follow someone and send them “snaps”, but it is a fantastic way to build strong relationships. If you’re the face of your business, people will see you and automatically associate it with your business.

Having a YouTube channel and YouTube content highly increases Search Engine Optimization through backlinks. Although Google owns YouTube, they have come out and said they are keeping the services separate. With that being said, a business that has a lot of reception, views, and shares on YouTube is going to have more traffic than one that doesn’t.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to network professionally. If your business operates B2B, it is an essential piece of your marketing platform. It is also an excellent resource to find people to hire for your business.

Twitter, although not quite as popular as it was in years past, is a great social media outlet for daily updates and thoughts. We will consult your team on how to post proper comments and use appropriate hashtags to increase the organic traffic from them.

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