Social Media and Internet Marketing

What is Brand Awareness?

Even though this is one of the biggest buzz-words that is thrown around amongst marketing firms, it is the recognition of your brand to an unknown and uninterested party. We work diligently to establish your business as the go-to spot for the best value service. This requires a lot of back-work, targeted advertising, and storytelling. It is also an indirect method to obtain leads and optimize referrals.

With this package, we automatically provide all the same services that we do with our Social Media Advertising package. This includes customized content, offers and specials, selecting and researching market demographics, and reporting the results.

What is the best advertising outlet for your business?

Simply put, it depends on the product or service that you are offering. After our brief and free consultation, we will know which direction to go to best deliver your message and tell your story.

We will investigate your current customer base, (through talking to you and the data you provide) and then research the market demographics for your industry. If there are any markets that you’re not currently capitalizing on, we will develop a marketing strategy around that. We will also continue to market towards your strongest demographic at present.

Having influencers is one of the best ways to organically expand your business. By having the correct set of people to represent your brand, we can grow your business and create strong referrals. This may or may not require incentivizing the influencer. We will provide recommendations for influencers and reach out to them on your behalf.

Utilizing software like Google AdWord makes your business the top-searched business based on certain keywords. These keywords would ideally be the most researched topics for your specific service. We will research how many times certain keywords are searched in a specific amount of time in your region, and then estimate how much traffic we can get from this technique.

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