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We must live with it, because we certainly can’t live without it. The case is such with the population’s social media addiction today. For everything from booking a hair salon appointment to buying a house, social media is the first place to approach. There, people consume content, connect with businesses, build relationships, and engage directly with brands.  

Because of the incessant obsession with social media, any other kind of marketing should seem pretty redundant to brands nowadays. In the near future, it looks likely that the importance of social media marketing will continue to grow. Here are a few of the advancements you can expect. 

Heavy Artificial Reality 

First the screens got bigger and bigger, and then phones became phablets. This clearly shows that people are getting interested in more immersive technologies as the years pass. It would not be conjecture to assume that next year will bring more experimentation in artificial reality or a heavily augmented one. 

Facebook has already introduced 360 degree pictures and videos; more platforms are following suit. When devising marketing strategies, keep in mind how VR could be incorporated. 

Chat Bots and AI 

A primitive example of chat bots being used in businesses is automated messages on social media. As people type in a message to businesses, they receive a message thanking them for reaching out and a promise to get back later. 

Soon, this entire system will be overhauled to include much newer technology as artificial intelligence gains ground. This will make the online experience even more prompt for users. 

Videos will become Primary 

In the coming year, videos on social media will become the foremost form of content. It will soon overtake pictures and text blocks alone. This is why creating more video content should be on top of every SMM strategy list. 

Besides, videos keep users engaged with the content for a longer time, which means it fares better for you. You will be able to judge, and social media algorithms will help you, what content is working for your target audience and what isn’t. 

Important Source of News 

When people needed information earlier, people addressed news websites only. Now, it is more important to them to gain multiple perspectives on the matter and come to the conclusion themselves. Twitter, for example, offers everyone the opportunity to say something about a trending issue.  

You can also take advantage of this by being involved in up and coming issues from around the world. Keeping up with the fleeting trends and riding the wave instead of being under it is important for the future of your business.  

Buying through Social Media 

Right now, people are redirected to third-party websites in order to make purchases. It is likely that social media will also try to enter into the product and service hosting website. Businesses are already buying ad spaces that these sites lend out. We have yet to see how much further this will progress in the future.  

More Engagement 

In an age where nobody has any extra time, customers expect more from the brands they choose. On top of impeccable service and no room for mistakes, it is also expected that their queries will be immediately answered and they will be given prime customer service.  

In this regard, social media already helps businesses engage closely with their current and potential customers. It has become so important that quality almost comes second! In your next meeting, give your customer relations team a heads up.  

Social Media as Search Engines 

Because the information posted on social media is perceived to be more reliable than that found widely on the web, social media is already acting as a sort of search engine where certain kinds of information can be gained. 

Extending our Twitter example, when we learn of a recent issue and want to know what the masses or public figures are saying about it, we head on to the trending section and go directly through the hashtags. As the algorithms learn more, social media as search engines will become more prevalent.   

More Mini Networks 

This should not come as a surprise; as there are additions in the user database of social media websites, people get more profoundly connected and the community grows. On many social media, there are options for creating microcosms that are based on similar problems, concerns, interests, careers, and much more! 

Mini social network communities centered on particular topics will become more common in the future. This will make specialized information available at a moment’s notice. Whatever niche or topic people look for, they will find it. For SMM, this will change the target audience algorithms completely. 

As it becomes increasingly easier to own a business today, the competition gets even tougher too. Brands have to step up and make serious efforts for effective social media marketing; novel methods to do this are being explored as we write. 

If you feel like everything we told you is too complicated to address and want to improve your social media marketing strategy with the times, maybe it is time to hire a professional. At Business Marketing Solutions Group, we give you the complete consultation you need.

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Managing Your Social Media Business Accounts Effectively Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:37:46 +0000 The ever-advancing online world is making it essential for brands to have multiple business accounts. Learn how to interact and engage with your current customers.

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It uses up a lot of brand owner’s energy in managing business accounts- leaving little time for the business itself. The ever-advancing online world is making it essential for brands to have multiple business accounts that to interact, engage, and learn from their current customers, and come in contact with newer ones. 

Quite a bit of effort goes into addressing the different styles of social media, the various kinds of user base, and the potential gain that would come out of being an active presence on a certain platform. Here are some tips that you will need if you are looking to manage all your social media business accounts together. 

Document Your Strategy 

First things first: you can’t just sit down, log in, and start posting on your business accounts as you please. For things to work, they must be working in a particular direction with a purpose in mind.  

Before beginning, you must decide what you want from each business account. The end goal is most important in order to build strategies and also to analyze them. For instance, brands use Twitter for immediate interaction with the customers, Instagram to gain more public attention with eye-catching pictures, and other social media platforms for other reasons. You might want to utilize your LinkedIn account to post jobs- the possibilities are endless! 

Try Management Software 

There are many apps and software available in the tech market today that can help manage multiple business accounts effectively. Instead of separately going to each app and signing in, these apps let you have everything on one screen. This saves you time and energy both. 

Some of these apps even let you know how long ago you posted on a certain account and which one has unread messages you have not addressed. This further helps in maintaining accounts and staying up to date. You can get free or paid versions depending on the services you require. 

Post Regularly 

We have mentioned this before and we will say it again: posting regularly is key when it comes to engagement with customers and successful social media management. The more frequently you are seen on top of the customers’ newsfeed, the more chances there are of them remembering your brand when the time comes. 

Of course, strong branding works hand in hand with this, but if your content is good and it is being posted regularly, you have a chance to stand out.  

Managing Client Engagement 

Establishing several accounts means you will be able to interact with different audiences. However, it is often difficult to keep up. You cannot spend all your time switching between accounts and responding to each customer’s every comment. It just isn’t a feasible use of your time. 

Instead, what you can do is divide the accounts between weekdays, and designate accounts to different days. This way, you will be able to thoroughly look into updates and form judgments. 

Make Several Versions of the Same Content 

When there are multiple accounts to manage, content can come up short too. To properly take care of this need for novel content, make several versions of the same content from different angles. Maybe an Instagram post could cover the visual aspect of a service or product, and a blog would be more beneficial if the business was being discussed as a subject matter. 

An Additional Kick 

Now, if a customer follows you on several business accounts, they might feel inclined to unfollow some if repetitive content appears. You have to keep them convinced that they are gaining something by following your brand and losing something if they unsubscribe.  

To make the content still interesting, there must be an additional kick to it that is not similar to other posts with the same keywords. A professional digital marketing team may be able to explain better. 


If you feel too overwhelmed, it is always preferable to delegate work to a more professional team. They already know what the current trends are and they can make it worth your buck to invest. If your company can afford it, you can have an internal team that dedicatedly looks after all your business accounts as their first priority. 

Start-ups, however, usually do not have that kind of liberty. For them, outsourcing the management of business accounts is the best idea that could be! 

Analyze Your Strategy 

Once your strategy is set in motion, you must also keep track of how well it is working. In fact, any effective strategy requires that feedback is collected, arranged, and then implemented. It is silly to continue to do the same thing and expect the results to be consistent.  

Marketing on several different accounts means this consistency has to be maintained across platforms, which could prove to be a challenging task for many brands.  Make sure you step back every couple of months and revaluate how things are working out for you. 

If you want to run a successful business, your marketing strategy cannot be laid back; it has to be aggressive, and it has to work! Even when you do manage to come up with a great one, it may not be productive to waste precious time managing your business accounts day and night. Frankly, it may not be enough. To make sure ample attention is being paid to them you can hire third-party agencies.  

At the Business Marketing Solutions Group, we can offer you what you need! Hit us up for a consultation that is tailored especially to you. 

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The Online Era – How to Use Social Media to Your Business’s Advantage Fri, 06 Sep 2019 17:13:51 +0000 It takes quite a bit of knowledge and skill to use social media advertising in the best possible way. Here are some tips to use social media to your business’s advantage.

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Social networks are more than just a convenient way to stay up-to-date with loved ones. If you are a business owner, you are well aware that social media is a fast and effective path to the successful promotion of your product or service. However, it takes quite a bit of knowledge and skill to use social media advertising in the best possible way. Here are some tips to use social media to your business’s advantage.

1. Build the Voice and Style of Your Brand

Among the myriad of brands online, yours has to have something that makes it unique. To build an attractive brand image, you must work on your brand’s persona on social media by giving it a voice, style, and personality.

Are you a sophisticated brand that thrives on traditional values or are you a modern one that keeps up with social issues? You must decide beforehand. Some brands are beginning to take advantage of the meme culture to appear hip and with the times.

2. Post Relevant Content

Post diverse content that is relevant to your brand. On social media accounts or pages, it matters if the content you come up with is engaging enough for a second glance. A brand that sells wall paint, for example, can post an aesthetically pleasing image of interior décor a customer has created using their product. This image is best used on Instagram which is a visual-based social platform.

3. Be Consistent Across Platforms

It is essential that the brand name keeps popping up on top of peoples’ feeds, so as to keep it at the top of their minds as well. If you only make a few posts a month on selective platforms, they will disappear amongst the thousands of updates posted every day. Make sure to utilize each platform to the fullest by posting vigorously and continuously- the audience is sure to remain engaged.

4. Use Hashtags

To reach a wider audience than your current one, adding hashtags to posts can serve an important purpose. Catchy words and phrases are a good idea, but so are key terms that users could search for if they were looking for a service or product close to yours. Some brands try and catch on to trends by keeping an eye on what people are talking about. Social media marketing experts usually have a good idea about what makes certain hashtags click!

5. Interact with Followers

When followers comment on your posts, remember to interact and communicate with them. This encourages trust, fosters engagement, and strengthens your connection with your potential clients. Increasing interaction can also help in building the brand’s individual voice and personality.

6. Follow Influencers

It is not enough to just focus on your own page or account; look out for influencers related to your area of business. Follow them, share their content, and try to interact. This will help in bringing you more visibility. Some influencers do ‘shout outs’ for their favorite accounts, so a partnership with a few important ones will not go amiss.

7. Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer testimonials are proven to be effective for lead generation in multiple studies. People find it more authentic when other people vouch for a brand or a service. This means that your customer service and satisfaction need to be above par. Only when customers are completely content with a brand do they step up and recommend it to other people.

Hire customer service representatives and train them well. Make sure your customers know how important their satisfaction is to you. This is what makes the brand image stick in people’s heads. They may forget how good a product was, but they will never forget how they were treated.

8. Keep Up With Trends

A surface-level effort in staying updated with trends goes without saying; for instance, checking Twitter and Facebook for daily updates. However, knowing about current marketing trends in general and employing them as strategies in the digital world is important for the progress of the brand. You can learn more about the current trends in digital marketing in another blog post. (hyperlink)

9. Reputation Management

People will talk about you online whether you like it or not. This is why we suggest paying heed to what customers are saying about you online. Keep up with your reviews and a check on your negative reviews. If you do find a disgruntled customer or two, you will have to do some reputation management with a little diplomacy. This also ties closely to customer relations, so make sure they emerge satisfied- and do whatever it takes.

10. Don’t Undervalue the Visuals

Color psychology is now widely taught in undergraduate-level marketing courses. Certain colors have corresponding effects on the human brain and this branch of marketing takes this into account. This involves choosing color palettes, using specific filters on photos, and being consistent in both.

Once you have chosen a color palette, don’t just stop at the logo. If you want people to associate a certain color and aesthetic with your brand, use it across all platforms and use it repeatedly. At some point, the connection will be automatic.

Following all these steps may not yield prompt results, but once you have got a strategy down, stick to it and give it ample time to work. Persistence and patience are required for a successful marketing campaign. If you would like an expert’s advice on your social media management, hit us up at Business Marketing Solutions Group for a consultation or an alternate SMM strategy. Let’s find out why your brand isn’t generating as much attention online as it should!

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Evolving Trends in the Marketing World Tue, 03 Sep 2019 14:00:03 +0000 The main purpose of marketing is to draw potential customers’ attention to your brand or business. To keep doing that effectively over a long period, marketers must keep in mind the current trends that are saturating...

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The main purpose of marketing is to draw potential customers’ attention to your brand or business. To keep doing that effectively over a long period, marketers must keep in mind the current trends that are saturating the market and design their strategies accordingly. 

Your competitors are keeping up with the times, and if you want to stay in the race that is only getting tougher, have a look at these marketing trends you may have missed. They can not only help you market the brand better but also add value and equity to the brand by boosting its image in the public eye. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce was a dud as a digital marketing strategy in comparison to e-commerce when it came around. Now, it has been discovered to be a successful strategy by start-ups that use a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model. It showed that a great relationship could be built with the consumer without the involvement of a retail player.

By offering great product quality and valuing social interaction, social advertising converts clicks to actual purchases. This brings a new type of retail experience to the customers but is usually a tough act to follow. For content to be social and marketable it has to be intricately created which can prove to be a big challenge for the brand.


No longer is gaming only for teenagers. In 2018, the gaming industry gained monumental attention. The young people who were obsessed with Super Mario earlier are now into Pub-G, Fortnite, and other popular video games. This has opened up new doors in the world of marketing as well.

The advertising relationships and partnership opportunities are increasing, looming ever larger in the future. If a brand takes up the chance at the right time, there is a potential for exponential growth.

Social Causes

A good trend to follow is to become involved with a social cause. Depending on whatever is important to your brand’s personality, you can choose anything from animal welfare to gender equality to support. Aligning yourself with a cause adds equity to your company’s name. 

Some may consider it unethical to jump on social bandwagons to market a brand, and it may backfire by offending your audience. But as long as you are actually dedicated to the cause you are supporting and not just taking advantage of it, it is like killing the proverbial bird with two stones. Promise to donate a small portion of the gross profit to the cause yearly.


How you run your business, and especially how you treat your employees, matters to the consumers of today. They want to know whether the place they are spending their money at is ethical and environmentally conscious. Keeping transparency between the brand and the audience is becoming essential in the current era. 


Sustainability marketing is a way to build a relationship with consumers by letting them know you care about them and the planet. Improper disposal, unethical dumping, and other destructive acts by large companies threaten to ruin the delicately balanced environment, but you can make a change.

You can tell your customers that you care about their future generation by adopting environment-friendly acts; such as offering recyclability, launching sustainability campaigns, and being vocal about your views amongst other things.

Artificial Intelligence

More and more Smartphone users are opting to use voice-activated home systems such as Alexa by Amazon or the Google Home. They use these devices to search on the web and to purchase products- voice-activated AI is what they first turn to. To make the most of this, new trends are emerging in the digital world that would help relevant content reach relevant audiences in an increasingly precise manner.


Temporarily visible ‘stories’ have become a common feature in many social media platforms. Many brands have resorted to posting stories in vertical formats to fit the phone screen completely. In fact, story format marketing works about 15 times faster according to digital marketing surveys. 

To make the most of this platform, one requires a level of technical understanding with respect to short videos, stickers, geotags and a whole bunch of other accompaniments. Some brands use aesthetically pleasing images to catch the viewer’s attention, and offer easy access to the brand’s e-commerce website, often by just sliding up from the bottom of the screen!


Exaggerated marketing has become a thing of the past. Customers value authenticity and honesty from their brand; they would prefer an honest account of what you can and cannot do for them instead of an inflated idea. 

As the virtual world becomes integrated with the real lives of people, they want their brands to connect with them on a personal level. It is no secret that a successful relationship can only be built on trust and loyalty. 


The emphasis on influencers can be explained in connection to the need for authenticity. The microcosms they create on their social media platform of choice or personal blog are made up of real people- rather than hordes of programmed bots. 

This need for more authenticity means customers gravitate towards genuine sources of information. The opinions of these influencers are perceived as valuable. This is why brands have been approaching them ever more in the past few years.

If you are interested in knowing how these trends can work for your brand in particular, reach out to us at Business Marketing Solutions Group and we promise to help! You can get a consultation for a complete marketing strategy perfectly suited to the particular requirements of your business. 

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The Ins and Outs of Digital Marketing Mon, 02 Sep 2019 20:06:44 +0000 What is digital marketing? Is it important for your business? We will answer these questions and more as we talk about the ins and outs of marketing online.

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Unlike millennials, Generation Z has been born and raised in the digital age. Instead of having technology brought to them later in life, a Smartphone was their first toy. What this means is that the digital lives they have online are as native to them as their real ones. This has a profound effect on how they interact with brands- the relationship is two-way.

Earlier, digital marketing was just an augmented part of ‘actual’ advertising; just a side project that plays a minor part in constructing the brand image. Today, it is the foremost priority of most businesses. Let us give you an insight into the online world with this guide to digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics. Digital marketing is a way to market your product or service online through various channels. In most cases, digital marketing lets you access a particular target audience through the internet and other online avenues. This target audience can be tailored according to geography, psychosocial aspects, age, gender, consumer choices, and much more.

What exactly constitutes as digital marketing? Instead of being just a monolithic medium of advertisement, digital marketing has entirely different rules altogether, and depends largely on what kind of platform you are using. On Twitter, for example, posts have to conform to a specified number of characters, while a PPC ad has a more aggressive method of approaching the audience. This needs to be internalized before launching an online campaign.

Types of Digital Marketing

Let’s suppose you are just getting into the goldmine that is digital marketing and let us begin from the top. There are many techniques that can be employed for marketing a business digitally. They range from optimizing content according to most searched keywords on Google to writing an interesting blog that presents the brand as a subject matter. Here is a general overview of your options.


Search engines are the audience’s first line of contact with your brand. If you want your website to turn up every time a user types in a certain keyword, you have to look into the algorithms that search engines use to sift through the billion websites on the web today.

To make sure your article is search engine optimized, it is important to consider things like keyword volume, the optimal length of an article, hyperlinks, and meta tags. Make sure you target the right audience. This is why it is considered to be a specialized job best left to professionals.

Website Marketing

Especially if you have an online business, bringing traffic to your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Your website is what gives customers a lasting first impression of your brand; it is also the ground where there is a possibility of gaining paying customers.

In order to successfully convert views, likes, and attention to potential leads, you will be using multiple tactics to bring your target customers to your website where they will get more information or make a purchase.

Content Marketing

Another essential aspect of digital marketing is creating relevant content to attract and engage with the target audience. These can range from a gratitude email requesting feedback, or an eBook on a topic your customers will most likely be interested in. Besides these, blog posts, web pages, social media posts, testimonials, images, videos, podcasts, and infographics are also under the same umbrella. The more creative you are, the more novel ideas you can bring to the table.

Social Media

Another brilliant avenue is social media marketing that we will discuss comprehensively in a separate blog. In short, social media platforms are plenty and they have different ways of approaching audiences.

For example, the younger generation is more active on Snapchat and Instagram while older, working adults might prefer Facebook or LinkedIn. These are not the only demographics to consider; you can customize your strategy depending on what target group you think will be most interested in your business.


It would not be smart to ignore the value of pay-per-click (PPC) ads for your business’s marketing approach. It involves paying the publisher a certain minimal amount every time a new lead clicks on your ad. One of the most effective types is Google Ads, but there are many other options available depending on your budget.

It may be a good place to start since it takes a while to bring up your website on search results organically. Until you gain success in that arena, it would be beneficial to place your ad on top for a while.


Although one of the oldest forms of online communication, emails are still essential in building a professional relationship with your customers. This includes sending welcome emails to new customers, promotional content, newsletters that deliver news about the brand, or any sort of interaction that keeps the brand in the client’s mind.

An Inclusive Technique

A successful digital marketing campaign does not come about by minimally and randomly using a few of these platforms and posting content arbitrarily; it involves coming up with a strategy that will encompass all aspects of digital advertising and use them to the best of your advantage.  

Immense research goes into successful marketing that most emerging businesses invest in hiring someone (sometimes an entire team) to take care of their digital marketing needs. If you feel like your brand could benefit from a professional’s help, you can reach us at Business Marketing Solutions Group for a consultation and a complete digital marketing strategy.

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Everything You Need to Know About Brand Image Wed, 28 Aug 2019 15:54:08 +0000 The success of your business largely depends on how it is portrayed and categorized in your customers’ minds. Here is why it matters what story your brand image tells.

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Have you ever wondered why certain businesses take the world by storm, while others can’t get their foot through the door? It is more than just the quality of products offered, and it is not about the service or the value for money either. What is it then, that makes consumers gravitate towards the flashing poster of one brand and not another?

Here is where the brand image comes in. Let’s settle in and learn what it is, why you need it, and how you can get build more of it for your business.

What is Brand Image?

To understand it, let’s begin by saying that brand image is the general impression of a business that existing or potential customers hold. This perception is what makes them decide whether or not to invest in it.

This perception does not build up immediately; successful brands work day in and out to make sure their brand image exemplifies their values, vision, and ethics. They also need to make sure that the brand image translates into the product or service they provide to build up the trust in consumers that keeps them coming back for more.

Is it Important to Have?

A powerful brand image and logo make sure your company remains in the minds of your potential customers. The first priority is product and service quality, the second is a strong voice that propagates them. If your products make consumers happy, a brand identity helps in building customer loyalty and assists in building a strong connection between the two parties.

Consider a sports brand like Nike, for instance. Not only are Nike products satisfying, but they are coveted because of what they represent- the excellence in sportswear. All the big stars and celebrities wear it, which improves the buyer’s trust in the brand. Without a brand image, your business will remain voiceless and in the shadows.

How to Build Brand Image

Building a brand image is a gradual ongoing task that has to be done slowly but surely over time. Below are some of the ways a brand image is constructed.

Giving Life to a Logo

This might look like something menial, but it definitely has an impact on the customer’s perception. If the logo is interesting enough, it will stick in people’s minds, making it easier to recall every time. Over a period, the logo will establish itself as an inherent part of the brand.

This is also especially useful in rebranding, where using a different logo can completely change its perception.

A Catchy Tagline

Right under the brand name is where the tagline is usually placed. It should present the personality and goals of a brand in a succinct way that is also powerful enough to stick.

Continuing our Nike example, the brand tells you to ‘Just Do It.’ Is it potent enough for consumers to relate to it? The brand’s success tells us: yes.

The Aesthetic

The aesthetic refers to the visuals that are associated with the brand. This includes everything from fonts to colors and visuals. The ads you make, the infomercials and product packaging- everything comes under the same umbrella.

The aesthetics of your logo and branding should aptly represent your business. If you want your brand to signify class and sophistication, your fonts would look formal and colors muted. If your brand is targeted towards younger children, it should represent that through brighter colors and lively fonts.

There are many resources on the web that talk about the psychological effects of individual colors on the human mind as well. All these factors should be kept in mind when marketing a brand.

Brand Personality

Brand personality is the most important thing to consider. What does your brand represent? What is the USP that makes you different from every other competitor out there?


The language you use in your communication with the customer has utmost impact. ‘Just Do It’ tells you that the brand is supportive of your adventures – which connects with their products: sports gear.

Business and Moral Ethics

Many brands align themselves with a strong business and moral ethic. Their way of conducting business parallels the beliefs they propagate to the audience about themselves.

For example, some brands make sure they are environmentally conscious and cruelty-free to all animals- this adds to their personality in the customer’s mind, making them more invested in supporting the brand in its endeavors.

Customer Service

The kind of customer service you provide is also very much a representation of your brand. Your customer service should be professional and dedicated to taking care of clients’ needs by delivering helpful service before, during, and after the transaction.


The above together, when delivered time and time again, build a bond of trust and reliability between brand and consumer. Every time good service is provided, the belief in the brand’s values and vision is reestablished until what we call brand loyalty is achieved.

Some Tips for Improvement

As a bonus, here are some extra tips for you to consider:

Collect feedback

To cater to people’s needs, you have to first know what they think about your brand. There are various ways to receive feedback. The passive approach would be something like reading customer reviews on your site or on social media. If you would like to be more active, surveys and questionnaires can be sent out.

Draw Conclusions and Make Changes

From the feedback you receive, try and extract meaningful conclusions and make corresponding changes. If a customer complains about poor customer care, for example, take note of that and investigate it – and let the customer be a part of it. This is sure to make a customer feel connected to the brand.

All this information may be too much to handle. If you think your business could benefit from a little brand image upgrade, contact Business Marketing Solutions Group for a consultation and we will be happy to help!

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