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New age marketing gurus are no strangers to the term “influencer marketing”. Among many other trends and hot topics taking over the landscape, influencer marketing seems to have taken a shine among brands.

When it is done right, much like any other marketing strategy, influencer marketing can lead to a boost in growth, high ROI, unmatched sales, and acquisition of new customers. Overall, the concept has a lot of potential.

Most companies make influencer marketing a part of their strategy because of the fact that people tend to listen to other people. However, there is much more involved. Understanding influencer marketing is important if you are considering it for your next campaign.

Understanding Influencer Marketing

This strategy orients itself around influential people as a mouthpiece for a brand. When you combine the words “influence” and “marketing”, influencer marketing can be defined as a strategy where businesses market their offering through people with influence.

The influence doesn’t just mean fame, but a connection with their audience so they can impact their buying behavior and thought process. The goal is to reach out to the influencer’s audience through them and sell the product/service while building a potential customer base for the brand as well.

How it Works

Influencer marketing begins with brands conducting research. The aim is to identify influencers with an audience that aligns closely with the brand’s own target market.

The “influencer” can be a celebrity, sportsperson, YouTuber, blogger, and other social media stars. The requirement is an audience that would listen to them. The brand builds a relationship with the influencer to promote their business to their audience.

For example, let’s assume your brand creates vintage or 1950s inspired clothing and accessories. You would have to find an influencer with a substantial following. The influencer is likely to dress in the 1950s style or vintage-inspired clothing, positing pictures to inspire followers with a similar fashion sense. Somebody like Jessica Kellgren-Fozard on Instagram is perfect for the job.

The influencer you choose will tell their followers about your brand, influencing their buying behavior. Since the influencer already has a connection with their audience, they know what resonates with them.

They would be able to come up with a strategy the audience is more likely to react to. Additionally, the audience trusts the influencer they follow. They will believe in the influencer’s recommendation more than they believe in a brand’s marketing.

However, the influencers don’t do it for free. There is some form of compensation involved. It’s either an upright payment for the promotion or a certain percentage of the sales the company makes from their promotion.

What do the Influencers do?

This depends on what your influencer looks like. In conventional marketing, this would be a TV commercial, billboard or print advertisement featuring a celebrity.

In the age of digital marketing, this involves influencers taking to their social media accounts or blogs to promote the brand. If you’re choosing an Instagram influencer, it would involve them placing your product in a post. A blogger could write a testimonial on their website.

The goal is for them to drive traffic to your website, establish credibility and brand awareness and start a conversation about your brand.

Why Influencer Marketing? – The Advantages

· Conventional marketing strategies are more focused on creating brand awareness and finding people that find the company relevant. With influencer marketing, you already have an engaging audience you can connect with via the influencer.

· Brand visibility is easier to build on digital platforms. Even your SEO ratings will improve. The influencer will talk about the product, which will result in their followers talking about the brand too, boosting SEO rankings.

· Similarly, working with an influencer provides an opportunity to create brand awareness. Instead of reaching the target market from various aspects, you will have your niche audience in one place.

Influencer Marketing Done Right

To showcase the effectiveness of influencer marketing, here are some examples of brands that have done it the right way.

MTV Pants Off

As the name suggests, Pants Off is a sexual education show on MTV. Instead of airing it on TV, MTV wanted to use a different medium to target young people, giving real advice and information regarding sexuality and sexual health. They chose SnapChat for broadcasting the show.

Their influencer was Laci Green, a popular YouTuber known for her sex-ed videos. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and a substantial social media following on different platforms, she was perfect.

She hosted the show, inviting other influencers to talk about sex and relationships. The content was made to be relevant for teens and young adults.

The result was each episode receiving millions of views, hundreds of thousands of shares, and authentic conversations among the audience. It also met the show’s goal of disseminating sexual education among young people.

Lagavulin: My Tales of Whiskey

“Parks and Recreation” is one of the most popular comedy sitcoms in the US. Ron Swanson is one of the most quoted and meme-ed characters out of the cast. The character earned Nick a loyal following during and after the show. His sense of comedy and the roles he portrays in shows make his brand even stronger.

Diageo chose Nick to promote to their Scottish whiskey brands, Lagavulin and Oban. The campaign consisted of a 44-minute video that shows Offerman sitting by a crackling fire, taking an occasional sip of whiskey as he broodingly looks at the camera.

The concept might seem a little strange on paper, but it made complete sense for Nick Offerman’s branding and his audience. And as expected, it was a viral hit.


Lastly, Audible has been on that influencer marketing game for a long time. Audible is an Amazon company, selling monthly memberships to people who listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Over the years, they have collaborated with numerous YouTubers and social media influencers of all sizes to promote the brand. From big YouTuber names such as Tyler Oakley to Jesse Driftwood (photographer), they target a large audience.

Final Thoughts

Examples like these and many others exist in the current market. The strategy enables brands to navigate the saturated and heavily competitive landscape where traction is harder to get.

Influencer marketing, when chosen properly, can get you some of that traction and increase your conversions. To discover how your brand can use this strategy, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group today.

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Understanding the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing Tue, 29 Oct 2019 13:36:43 +0000 Whether you’re a marketing guru with the basics of digital marketing down or somebody running a small online business, you’ve probably heard the term a hundred times or even more. You might have heard how important it is and, on the other hand, it has become irrelevant.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a multifaceted tool marketers have been using since who knows when. 

Whether you’re a marketing guru with the basics of digital marketing down or somebody running a small online business, you’ve probably heard the term a hundred times or even more. You might have heard how important it is and, on the other hand, it has become irrelevant. 

The latter is not true BTW. SEO, to this day, remains an important part of digital marketing. 

It’s not just keywords anymore. It has evolved into something of a complete strategy that can change how your business ranks on search engines and how easily your audience is able to find out. 

In fact, the right SEO strategy can be vital to gaining new customers and sustaining a continuous online presence. You need to have a grasp of its essentials to understand its significance and how it can turn things around for your business. 

Not only is it valuable for building brand awareness on multiple digital platforms, but it is also crucial for bringing more visibility to your website. It means more traffic and more opportunities to convert potential leads into customers. 

But before we dive into understanding the importance of SEO in digital marketing, there are a few things you need to know. 

On- and Off-Page Optimization 

On-page optimization is what the general population associates SEO with. This mainly focuses on increasing visibility and traffic on your website. Measures are taken that include content marketing, keyword research, meta tags, and HTML source code. These are used to optimize web pages to improve rankings and bring more people to the website. 

Off-site optimization is essentially the external optimization of websites through link-building and promotions. You’re basically trying to increase the authority of your websites to improve rankings without changing the content. 

Other Elements of SEO 

Keywords are not what they used to be in the antiquated days of SEO. It’s not just about using relevant keywords are much as possible on page i.e. keyword stuffing. Today, the saturation of search engines has made it crucial for marketers to conduct detailed keyword research before choosing them. 

Then there is the differentiation of short-tail and long-tail keywords. Additionally, you can now use keywords in meta details, image tiles, and URLs to improve your rankings. 

Content is the vehicle SEO rides on to improve your website’s rankings, increase visibility, and eventually increase user engagement. Content in SEO and digital marketing strategies comes in various formats that include web page content, infographics, social media posts, listing, videos, blogs, and more. 

Local SEO or geographical SEO is very important for businesses that provide services to a target market limited geographically. This involves using the locations in keywords to further narrow down the reach and target local intent. 

Besides optimizing keywords, local SEO practices involve creating location-specific pages on your website, creating pages on Google Maps and Google’s My Business. 

SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes paid marketing practices. The most common ones are Pay-per-Click or PPC, native ads, Google AdWords, ad campaigns on social media outlets, and banner ads. This doesn’t directly influence SEO but is essential for targeting a larger audience. 

SEO and Digital Marketing 

Now that you have a better understanding of what SEO is, let us take a look at some of the main benefits SEO provides the overall digital marketing strategy for modern businesses. 

Visibility, Rankings, and Web Traffic 

The main goal of digital marketing is to increase brand awareness on digital mediums. SEO enables that function by increasing the website’s visibility and making it easier for prospective customers to find you. 

The more visible your website is – the better Google will rank it. In layman terms, this means that your website will come up higher on a search engine result page (SERP) when somebody makes a search query using the keywords you optimized. 

As a result of improved rankings and better visibility, more people will visit your website. The more people visiting your website, the more chances you have to convert them into paying customers. 

Improved Site Usability 

The SEO practices you use to optimize the content on your website and creating new meaningful content have a direct impact on your website’s user experience and site usability. And as we know, providing seamless user experience is the key to keeping users engaged on the website. 

It also makes your site easy to navigate for search engines. The site’s architecture and links are rearranged so they can be easier to find, simplifying the process of finding information. 


Both on- and off-page SEO plays a huge role in gaining your site authority. Search engines now have algorithms that rely on rankings, backlinks, quality content, and mentions to build authority. This will not only allow you to build trust with your audience but also further improve your rankings. 

Attaining Business Growth Goals 

Digital marketing aims to increase the number of quality leads and prospects so companies can gain new customers, driving sales and overall growth. SEO plays an important part in that. It can help build and increase brand awareness. 

As we’ve mentioned before, it also improves user experience and authority on your website. This will ultimately become essential in attracting, nurturing, and converting users into loyal customers and marking a trajectory toward growth. 

Final Thoughts 

From all that we’ve discussed up until now, you can see that SEO is much more complex and has an equally important digital marketing practice. Business Marketing Solutions Group understands this and also how SEO changes with time. 

We employ the best digital marketing and SEO practices to ensure you attain your goals. Get in touch with us to learn how our SEO services can benefit your company. 

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The New and Improved Marketing Funnel to Drive Sales Fri, 25 Oct 2019 16:39:27 +0000 Customer-centrism in marketing has become the way how businesses work. That is why the modern marketing funnel focuses on the customer’s buying experience.

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The marketing funnel or most popularly called the sales funnel was three-staged. This funnel became a part of the conventional business model when the world was a completely different place.

The concept of marketing was essentially limited to advertisements. Marketers were more like salespersons, selling themselves to clients so they can get the products they could eventually sell to customers.

For them, the “Leads®Prospects®Customers” model was befitting of what they had to do. They used billboards, magazine adverts, cold calls, and newspaper ads to generate a response from leads. When they would call or write (yes, it’s that old!) to the companies, becoming prospects. And if the marketers said the right things, some of the prospects may even turn into paying customers.

However, the explosive advent of the internet and constantly changing buying behaviors have impacted how marketers function as well. While the sales funnel from yesteryear has strong foundations, it is a bit too simplistic for modern marketing practices.

To maximize their profitability and earn as much return on their offers as possible, companies and marketers have to realign their marketing funnels. The key point here is looking at things from the customer’s perspective.

Customer-centrism in marketing has become the way how businesses work. That is why the modern marketing funnel focuses on the customer’s buying experience or journey. It gives the customers a pathway to follow and marketers the idea of what they should respond with.

But before diving into that, let’s have a peek at the modern customer’s buying process.

The buying process is impacted by many factors.

1. Identifying a Pain Point

This is basically when a customer says “I have a problem”. When people feel some pain, they make the effort to change something. It can be something very basic and categorized as a necessity or it could be something luxe.

For example, consider somebody with a lot of books, including some vintage collectibles. For them, the pain point would be storage. They would need a bookshelf that could hold the entirety of their collection and also fit their place.

2. Looking for a Solution

Once they identify their needs, they start looking for a solution. Taking the same example we discussed above, this would be the time the customer would start researching for book storage options.

They would look at videos of other collectors, search Pinterest for a DIY option or read up on how other people go about storing books.

3. Options?

Pretty explanatory this point. After a customer knows what they need, it’s now about finding the right product. Since the market is chock full of manufacturers and brands, there is a lot of competition to sift through.

For a book collector, this would involve looking at different websites and local thrift stores and furniture markets for the right bookshelf. They might find it Ikea or some novelty store selling antique bookshelves.

4. My Money goes to…

After looking at many options and finalizing a few options, the customer will decide on which one the money goes to. This usually happens after the customer has thoroughly looked at the product details and at reviews.

The customer looking at a possible bookcase will make the purchase one they’re sure it will fit inside their house and all the booked they’ve collected (with room for growth of course!).

5. Coming Back

Unlike what was once believed, the sales funnel doesn’t end when the customer makes a purchase. If the product delivered the value the marketing promised and was up to the customer’s expectations, they are likely to come back.

In the bookshelf example, the customer wouldn’t need to buy another bookshelf soon after. However, they are more likely to come back to the company if they had a good first experience. Also, they will become an ambassador, recommending the company to others who might need a bookshelf.

The Modern Marketing Funnel

Based on this generalized buying process, the modern marketing funnel is aligned to fit the narrative. Each step of this process is aligned with a stage of the funnel. Here’s how:


Well, the first step is planning. This means you start working on your people, processes, and platforms. This involves being vested in the company’s story and streamlining how and why you are in the business.

With market research, you’ll have to find which pain points your product or service solves. Along with that, you have to create a target audience, fine-tune the product and run A/B tests to make sure everything is all set to go.


This step is where you craft intriguing advertisements to make your target market realize they need your product as it solves a certain problem of theirs. The goal is making your audience realize they have a problem and then come up with a solution.

The audience should be able to connect the dots and retain your brand as a possible answer.

Nurturing Leads

This stage for the customer involves researching various options available. For marketers, this is the time to advertise WHY the customer should choose you over your competition. This is where you use value creation the most.

Your USP (unique selling proposition) and the benefits the customer can expect from using your products will come into play. It’s about marketing how your product will make the customer’s life easier. Simply telling the customer how great your brand is won’t be enough here.


This is the point where a lead converts into a customer. From a marketing perspective, this step involves making the process of purchasing easier. This could include simplifying the checkout process, optimizing your website, post-sale services, etc.

You have to convince your customers that they are making the right choice.


This would be when you change your customer into an advocate. You should be able to make the customer come back and bring more prospects with them.

Brands like Coca-Cola and Apple have some of the most loyal audiences. But that doesn’t mean the companies stop advertising and following up with better offerings. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to keep customers interested.

Final Thoughts

The sales funnel has been an important part of marketing for a long time. It has helped companies gain and build a clientele, generating revenues that keep them afloat in a competitive market landscape.

You can learn from the previous versions, but it’s crucial that you improvise, adapt, and evolve to meet changing customer buying processes. This can be overwhelming to figure out. Business Marketing Solutions Group can assist you here and help you come with a marketing funnel optimized to your unique requirements. Give us a call today to get started.

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Elements of Web Design Critical for Small Businesses Wed, 16 Oct 2019 19:43:09 +0000 Everybody on this planet is a consumer. Whether you’re a marketer, financial expert or a homemaker, you are a brand’s target audience.

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Everybody on this planet is a consumer. Whether you’re a marketer, financial expert or a homemaker, you are most definitely some brand’s target audience. This means that you make purchases, whether they are necessities or luxury items. 

Back in the day, it was mainly word-of-mouth that was more than enough to convince customers. In this age where even young children have access to computers and an internet connection, a website is an indispensable asset for every business. 

The whole idea of “build it and they will come” only works in movies now, especially for Kevin Costner in Fields of Dreams. However, this is a sure-fire way of losing customers in this day and age. Online presence has now become crucial, especially for small businesses. 

But setting up a fancy-looking website is also not enough to convert consumers into loyal customers. There is a whole realm of web design elements that small businesses can use to make their website both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Here, we’ve given a primer of some of the basic elements of web design small businesses should consider when setting up their websites. 

A Welcoming Homepage 

The homepage is the first thing visitors will see when they click the website link. Not only should it be attractive in terms of design, but it should also have content that enables visitors to find the information they need. It should also be SEO optimized to ensure Google Ranking works in your favor. 

Meaningful Header 

A clear, concise header should tell the user who you are and what you do. It could be very straightforward or very creative. It should indicate what the user can expect to find on your website. 


You can reinforce the header on the homepage with a meaningful subheading. They should convince the user to stay. You can use this opportunity to sell a major benefit or elaborate and provide context to whatever you wrote in the header. 


Consumers like to know what they will get from you. Technical details are important to add, but the homepage should have overall benefits that your company can provide them with. Anticipate what your target market’s main pain points are and list your benefits in accordance with that.  

Easy-to-Navigate Menu 

There are too many websites where finding the right information is a task on its own. This easily turns off a potential customer. Organization is the key here. 

The top of the homepage and every other landing page should have a navigation bar. Users should be able to find the important pages from the bar. If you offer many services and have a long list of web pages for different categories, use hamburger menus to organize the pages so they make sense. 

UX Optimization 

UX stands for user experience. The whole concept is focused on making the website convenient for the user to navigate. Visuals, font, typography and other design elements are important too. That’s what UI or User Interface design focuses on. 

UX ensures a user-friendly layout and an intuitive sitemap to allow users a clear pathway to the information they need. 

Mobile Optimization 

Your website can be pretty limiting if users can’t see and use it properly on mobile devices. Responsive web design ensures that the website automatically renders to the device it is accessed on. 

When a website is mobile-optimized, the dimensions adjust to fit the screen. The images, content, and other design elements scale up or down so you can see them properly. 

Effective CTAs (Call-to-Action) 

CTAs are not just limited to landing pages. Each page on your website should have a relevant CTA, prompting the user to take some kind of action, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, calling/emailing the company, downloading a file, requesting a quote, etc. 

You can use your market research to create relevant and effective CTAs. Often, these combined with time-limited offers can be great for lead generation and conversions. 

Accessible Contact Details 

There are a couple of ways you can add contact details on your website. The first most obvious one is setting up a separate contact us page and putting it in the header and footer of every webpage. 

If your business provides direct services, such as emergency electrical repairs, house painting services, food delivery, etc., you can mention the phone number on the top of the webpage. 

You can also add social media links in the footer or heart of every page. 

An “About Us” page 

Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t pay attention to the “About Us” page on the website. This is a lost opportunity as it can help build a connection with your customers and your brand. 

You can tell your story and make your company more personable. Write about how and where you started, why you’re in this line of business, your mission, vision, company goals, etc. 

SSL Certificates 

SSL certificates are essential for every type of website. They ensure that whatever personal information the users provide on the website is encoded and theft-proof. Hence, they are even more important for online businesses that require credit card information for purchases. 

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, browsers like Google Chrome will show a “not secure” sign. This is the fastest way to lose a potential customer. Additionally, the lack of SSL certificates also hurt SEO rankings. 

Basic SEO 

Lastly, the content you decided to put on your website will impact whether people will be able to find it on Google or not. SEO practices should be integrated on your website from the get-go. 

Since most small businesses don’t have a complete grasp of SEO at the beginning, hiring an agency that specializes in it is a great option. They will ensure the right meta tags and keywords are used to improve your ranking and make your website easy to find. 

In the end, adequate planning, knowledge of your users, and a growth strategy are all you need to focus and let the professionals take care of the rest. In conjunction with a professional web developer, you can establish the criteria for your website. 

Business Marketing Solutions Group can do that for you. Get in touch with us to get a quote customized for your business’s needs.

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What Can a Marketing Agency do to Help My Business? Wed, 02 Oct 2019 12:30:30 +0000 Even when you have built up the business from scratch, it often gets difficult to define and articulate your vision for your brand.

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There may already be several obvious benefits to hiring a professional bookkeeping service for your brand. However, when it comes to marketing, most brands don’t think the need is all that obvious. We believe it is an essential part of branding as it is, and the need becomes ever stronger as the years pass by: one wrong move and another brand will emerge to usurp your business.  

What is it that marketing agencies can help with? You don’t just have to wonder anymore; we have you covered. Here we outline the several ways in which professional services can come in handy. 

Brand Identity 

Even when you have built up the business from scratch, it often gets difficult to define and articulate your vision for your brand in so many words. A marketing agency can help you get right down to the heart of what you do and why. It helps develop your brand’s identity. 

A brand identity is what can make your brand relatable to the client. It represents more than just the logo. An agency will assist in creative development, brand standards, a brand personality, tone, and colors; logo development, graphic design, guidelines, competitive analysis and brand differentiators amongst other things. 

If it sounds like too much to handle for a business owner, you are right because it is! With a team of experienced marketing professionals, you can create your brand’s identity and ensure that it keeps consistent through time! 

Design and Logo 

The aesthetics of a brand come under the brand identity umbrella, but they deserve a paragraph or two on their own. The design and the logo are what make your brand identifiable for customers.  To make it as eye-catching and clever as possible while making sure the design conforms to the image of your brand is not an easy job to do.  

The importance of a logo design and color scheme should not be underestimated. McDonald’s ‘M’ has been awarded the best logo award multiple times- and not without purpose. The logo has become iconic and symbolic, embedding itself into the very fabric of fast-food chain culture.  

The colors in the logos themselves stand in for human emotions; red represents speed, intensity, and passion, while blue is the epitome of sophistication. Even the color sharpness or dullness can change outcomes! A marketing agency is experienced in these areas. 

Strategizing for Marketing 

Successful marketing does not just involve short-term plans; it has to have detailed editorial calendars and campaigns lined up for the entire year. Without a marketing agency keeping track of your persona and no effective strategy put in place, there would be chaos and unpredictability.  

Your business will benefit greatly from having a complete approach. Each cog of the system will work with the other to create cohesion in your marketing strategy. Moreover, there will be multiple marketers fully dedicated to your business. We all know two minds are better than one! 

Search Engine Optimization  

Especially in digital marketing, SEO has become an essential technique for nearly all businesses. It involves optimizing the website content to make sure it appears near the top of Google search results when relevant keywords are searched in the engine. This makes sure that more and more traffic and in turn potential customers are brought to your business website.  

A professional marketing agency is well-versed in such techniques. You can count on them to create content that will make your website to customers what flowers are to bees!  

Website Management 

Once potential clients are brought to your website, they have to find enough on there to keep them interested. The management of your business website is also the marketing agency’s responsibility, depending on what package you have agreed with them on. This could include e-commerce websites and information pages both. 

Content Creation 

Many businesses are now looking towards corporate blogging as an essential part of their brand persona. Blogs, or any content online, can be created by marketing agencies as per your requirements. In them, the brand’s personality can be built up over time. 

This involves research on current trends in your target market and the creation of content that corresponds to them. All this has to be done in collaboration with your brand identity. These may seem like too many things to consider, but a marketing agency is well versed with these guidelines. 

Digital Marketing 

In current times, digital marketing has changed from being the additional aspect of traditional marketing to its viable alternative. Most brands that are successful in the market today make digital marketing their priority by posting regular updates, interacting with customers on a personal level, and getting involved in the latest conversations. 

When you hire a marketing agency, you will find that their knowledge of social media marketing and other forms of digital interactions is exceptional. They will help you manage multiple business accounts effectively and efficiently. 


All these strategies working together can help your business fare better by improving the brand image, but what use would all that be if you can’t find out whether the advertising is working? With their specialized software and tools, marketing agencies can easily track the growth in traffic, the public interaction and then gauge what needs to be done. Analytics are a huge part of the marketing process.  

If you are nearly convinced, we can help you with a consultation so you can decide whether or not professional marketing services are for you. Reach out to us at Business Marketing Solutions Group and we would be happy to help!

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How to Build an Online Presence for Your Start-Up Mon, 23 Sep 2019 15:46:49 +0000 Gone are the days when TV and billboard ads were the marketing goals for emerging brands.

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Gone are the days when TV and billboard ads were the marketing goals for emerging brands. Where they used to dream of the possibility of being on people’s screens before, their dreams are now a very viable reality. For this, the virtual world is responsible.

Social media has made it much easier for brands to make themselves visible in the market quicker than was ever possible. As soon as start-ups begin making plans they create social media accounts as one of the first steps. But what exactly is it that makes some online presences stronger than another? To help you establish your brand online, let us outline everything you need to do!

Set Goals

After acknowledging that being online is imperative for the growth of your business, you need to take that first step to get started. Get a notebook, or an organizing app, and make a detailed plan. You need to make it descriptive and succinct, so itemize your long term and short term goals and make sure your vision is shining through. Write down the aims and objectives while planning how you want to achieve them.

For example, you could say that you want your Facebook page to have 500 more followers by the end of next month. The long-term goal could be to have a large community of followers on Facebook that interact with your content. When goals are set and steps broken down into actionable things in this way, it becomes much easier to attain and brings a sense of confidence.

Focus on SEO

For businesses just starting out, visibility and exposure are the two best possible things. One of the techniques that can bring them to you is search engine optimization. Google uses certain algorithms to ascertain what WebPages should be displayed on top when certain keywords are searched.

You can learn some SEO tricks on your own but since it is a more technical aspect of content creation, it is best left to expert marketers. You can outsource your digital marketing to a professional agency to get the most out of it.

Consider Ads

SEO techniques, like all marketing tactics, take some time to catch on. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to look into ads. You can approach Google Ads so your website can be bumped up. Not only that, but every popular social media avenue offers to host ads for businesses. This makes it even easier to target ads towards relevant audiences.

Different social media have a varying user-base which makes ads even better targeted at individuals that are most likely to be interested in your service or product. For this reason, ads deserve some looking into.

Create Value

Creating value is not a single task that you need to perform. It is rather a result of many different acts stitched together. Being consistent in your behaviors and posts alike will add value to your brand, as will the quality of your services. Along with customer service, all three aspects combined can add tremendous worth to your name. Your start-up has to appear credible and reliable for the successful branding of your business.

Focus on Fewer Avenues

If you take on the responsibility of managing several accounts at once, it can backfire on you pretty badly. In the beginning, it is a better idea to focus on fewer social media avenues so you can promise them your full attention.

If you don’t want to start slow, hiring a professional marketing service can do you a favor. You can also look into another blog post where we detail all the steps you need to take to manage multiple social media accounts.

Comment and Engage

One quick tip we can give you here is to be an active presence if you want to be visible. The more you interact and engage with the customers commenting on your content. Whether they have a query or an appreciative word, make sure they hear back from you. Your attention matters to your customers; make the most of this by showering it on them!

Offer Impeccable Customer Service

If you want to stay in the customers’ minds, give them something to remember you by. Often, impeccable customer service is one way to do that. Apologize for mistakes, offer discounts, and be polite. Your aim should be to value the customers who have chosen your brand out of hundreds of other options.

Keep a Check

It is not enough to just follow these techniques without looking back. Do more than that by analyzing statistics, looking at results, matching performance with goals, and taking notes. Every time you tweak something in your strategy based on something you observed, your brand will take another step forward in establishing its online presence.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue- this proverb applies quite a bit when building an online presence for your brand. Keeping a check is necessary, yes, but a patient and positive outlook are also essential. When introducing a new campaign or strategy, give it plenty of time to work its magic. Slow and steady will definitely win the race in this case!

If you are a start-up that is looking to build their online presence, professional services would not be the worst idea to consider. With consultation from the Business Marketing Solutions Group, you can go from clueless to being driven in no time! Contact us with details of your business and we will be happy to help.

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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2020 Mon, 16 Sep 2019 18:42:47 +0000 We must live with it, because we certainly can’t live without it. The case is such with the population’s social media addiction today.

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We must live with it, because we certainly can’t live without it. The case is such with the population’s social media addiction today. For everything from booking a hair salon appointment to buying a house, social media is the first place to approach. There, people consume content, connect with businesses, build relationships, and engage directly with brands.  

Because of the incessant obsession with social media, any other kind of marketing should seem pretty redundant to brands nowadays. In the near future, it looks likely that the importance of social media marketing will continue to grow. Here are a few of the advancements you can expect. 

Heavy Artificial Reality 

First the screens got bigger and bigger, and then phones became phablets. This clearly shows that people are getting interested in more immersive technologies as the years pass. It would not be conjecture to assume that next year will bring more experimentation in artificial reality or a heavily augmented one. 

Facebook has already introduced 360 degree pictures and videos; more platforms are following suit. When devising marketing strategies, keep in mind how VR could be incorporated. 

Chat Bots and AI 

A primitive example of chat bots being used in businesses is automated messages on social media. As people type in a message to businesses, they receive a message thanking them for reaching out and a promise to get back later. 

Soon, this entire system will be overhauled to include much newer technology as artificial intelligence gains ground. This will make the online experience even more prompt for users. 

Videos will become Primary 

In the coming year, videos on social media will become the foremost form of content. It will soon overtake pictures and text blocks alone. This is why creating more video content should be on top of every SMM strategy list. 

Besides, videos keep users engaged with the content for a longer time, which means it fares better for you. You will be able to judge, and social media algorithms will help you, what content is working for your target audience and what isn’t. 

Important Source of News 

When people needed information earlier, people addressed news websites only. Now, it is more important to them to gain multiple perspectives on the matter and come to the conclusion themselves. Twitter, for example, offers everyone the opportunity to say something about a trending issue.  

You can also take advantage of this by being involved in up and coming issues from around the world. Keeping up with the fleeting trends and riding the wave instead of being under it is important for the future of your business.  

Buying through Social Media 

Right now, people are redirected to third-party websites in order to make purchases. It is likely that social media will also try to enter into the product and service hosting website. Businesses are already buying ad spaces that these sites lend out. We have yet to see how much further this will progress in the future.  

More Engagement 

In an age where nobody has any extra time, customers expect more from the brands they choose. On top of impeccable service and no room for mistakes, it is also expected that their queries will be immediately answered and they will be given prime customer service.  

In this regard, social media already helps businesses engage closely with their current and potential customers. It has become so important that quality almost comes second! In your next meeting, give your customer relations team a heads up.  

Social Media as Search Engines 

Because the information posted on social media is perceived to be more reliable than that found widely on the web, social media is already acting as a sort of search engine where certain kinds of information can be gained. 

Extending our Twitter example, when we learn of a recent issue and want to know what the masses or public figures are saying about it, we head on to the trending section and go directly through the hashtags. As the algorithms learn more, social media as search engines will become more prevalent.   

More Mini Networks 

This should not come as a surprise; as there are additions in the user database of social media websites, people get more profoundly connected and the community grows. On many social media, there are options for creating microcosms that are based on similar problems, concerns, interests, careers, and much more! 

Mini social network communities centered on particular topics will become more common in the future. This will make specialized information available at a moment’s notice. Whatever niche or topic people look for, they will find it. For SMM, this will change the target audience algorithms completely. 

As it becomes increasingly easier to own a business today, the competition gets even tougher too. Brands have to step up and make serious efforts for effective social media marketing; novel methods to do this are being explored as we write. 

If you feel like everything we told you is too complicated to address and want to improve your social media marketing strategy with the times, maybe it is time to hire a professional. At Business Marketing Solutions Group, we give you the complete consultation you need.

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Managing Your Social Media Business Accounts Effectively Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:37:46 +0000 The ever-advancing online world is making it essential for brands to have multiple business accounts. Learn how to interact and engage with your current customers.

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It uses up a lot of brand owner’s energy in managing business accounts- leaving little time for the business itself. The ever-advancing online world is making it essential for brands to have multiple business accounts that to interact, engage, and learn from their current customers, and come in contact with newer ones. 

Quite a bit of effort goes into addressing the different styles of social media, the various kinds of user base, and the potential gain that would come out of being an active presence on a certain platform. Here are some tips that you will need if you are looking to manage all your social media business accounts together. 

Document Your Strategy 

First things first: you can’t just sit down, log in, and start posting on your business accounts as you please. For things to work, they must be working in a particular direction with a purpose in mind.  

Before beginning, you must decide what you want from each business account. The end goal is most important in order to build strategies and also to analyze them. For instance, brands use Twitter for immediate interaction with the customers, Instagram to gain more public attention with eye-catching pictures, and other social media platforms for other reasons. You might want to utilize your LinkedIn account to post jobs- the possibilities are endless! 

Try Management Software 

There are many apps and software available in the tech market today that can help manage multiple business accounts effectively. Instead of separately going to each app and signing in, these apps let you have everything on one screen. This saves you time and energy both. 

Some of these apps even let you know how long ago you posted on a certain account and which one has unread messages you have not addressed. This further helps in maintaining accounts and staying up to date. You can get free or paid versions depending on the services you require. 

Post Regularly 

We have mentioned this before and we will say it again: posting regularly is key when it comes to engagement with customers and successful social media management. The more frequently you are seen on top of the customers’ newsfeed, the more chances there are of them remembering your brand when the time comes. 

Of course, strong branding works hand in hand with this, but if your content is good and it is being posted regularly, you have a chance to stand out.  

Managing Client Engagement 

Establishing several accounts means you will be able to interact with different audiences. However, it is often difficult to keep up. You cannot spend all your time switching between accounts and responding to each customer’s every comment. It just isn’t a feasible use of your time. 

Instead, what you can do is divide the accounts between weekdays, and designate accounts to different days. This way, you will be able to thoroughly look into updates and form judgments. 

Make Several Versions of the Same Content 

When there are multiple accounts to manage, content can come up short too. To properly take care of this need for novel content, make several versions of the same content from different angles. Maybe an Instagram post could cover the visual aspect of a service or product, and a blog would be more beneficial if the business was being discussed as a subject matter. 

An Additional Kick 

Now, if a customer follows you on several business accounts, they might feel inclined to unfollow some if repetitive content appears. You have to keep them convinced that they are gaining something by following your brand and losing something if they unsubscribe.  

To make the content still interesting, there must be an additional kick to it that is not similar to other posts with the same keywords. A professional digital marketing team may be able to explain better. 


If you feel too overwhelmed, it is always preferable to delegate work to a more professional team. They already know what the current trends are and they can make it worth your buck to invest. If your company can afford it, you can have an internal team that dedicatedly looks after all your business accounts as their first priority. 

Start-ups, however, usually do not have that kind of liberty. For them, outsourcing the management of business accounts is the best idea that could be! 

Analyze Your Strategy 

Once your strategy is set in motion, you must also keep track of how well it is working. In fact, any effective strategy requires that feedback is collected, arranged, and then implemented. It is silly to continue to do the same thing and expect the results to be consistent.  

Marketing on several different accounts means this consistency has to be maintained across platforms, which could prove to be a challenging task for many brands.  Make sure you step back every couple of months and revaluate how things are working out for you. 

If you want to run a successful business, your marketing strategy cannot be laid back; it has to be aggressive, and it has to work! Even when you do manage to come up with a great one, it may not be productive to waste precious time managing your business accounts day and night. Frankly, it may not be enough. To make sure ample attention is being paid to them you can hire third-party agencies.  

At the Business Marketing Solutions Group, we can offer you what you need! Hit us up for a consultation that is tailored especially to you. 

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The Online Era – How to Use Social Media to Your Business’s Advantage Fri, 06 Sep 2019 17:13:51 +0000 It takes quite a bit of knowledge and skill to use social media advertising in the best possible way. Here are some tips to use social media to your business’s advantage.

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Social networks are more than just a convenient way to stay up-to-date with loved ones. If you are a business owner, you are well aware that social media is a fast and effective path to the successful promotion of your product or service. However, it takes quite a bit of knowledge and skill to use social media advertising in the best possible way. Here are some tips to use social media to your business’s advantage.

1. Build the Voice and Style of Your Brand

Among the myriad of brands online, yours has to have something that makes it unique. To build an attractive brand image, you must work on your brand’s persona on social media by giving it a voice, style, and personality.

Are you a sophisticated brand that thrives on traditional values or are you a modern one that keeps up with social issues? You must decide beforehand. Some brands are beginning to take advantage of the meme culture to appear hip and with the times.

2. Post Relevant Content

Post diverse content that is relevant to your brand. On social media accounts or pages, it matters if the content you come up with is engaging enough for a second glance. A brand that sells wall paint, for example, can post an aesthetically pleasing image of interior décor a customer has created using their product. This image is best used on Instagram which is a visual-based social platform.

3. Be Consistent Across Platforms

It is essential that the brand name keeps popping up on top of peoples’ feeds, so as to keep it at the top of their minds as well. If you only make a few posts a month on selective platforms, they will disappear amongst the thousands of updates posted every day. Make sure to utilize each platform to the fullest by posting vigorously and continuously- the audience is sure to remain engaged.

4. Use Hashtags

To reach a wider audience than your current one, adding hashtags to posts can serve an important purpose. Catchy words and phrases are a good idea, but so are key terms that users could search for if they were looking for a service or product close to yours. Some brands try and catch on to trends by keeping an eye on what people are talking about. Social media marketing experts usually have a good idea about what makes certain hashtags click!

5. Interact with Followers

When followers comment on your posts, remember to interact and communicate with them. This encourages trust, fosters engagement, and strengthens your connection with your potential clients. Increasing interaction can also help in building the brand’s individual voice and personality.

6. Follow Influencers

It is not enough to just focus on your own page or account; look out for influencers related to your area of business. Follow them, share their content, and try to interact. This will help in bringing you more visibility. Some influencers do ‘shout outs’ for their favorite accounts, so a partnership with a few important ones will not go amiss.

7. Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer testimonials are proven to be effective for lead generation in multiple studies. People find it more authentic when other people vouch for a brand or a service. This means that your customer service and satisfaction need to be above par. Only when customers are completely content with a brand do they step up and recommend it to other people.

Hire customer service representatives and train them well. Make sure your customers know how important their satisfaction is to you. This is what makes the brand image stick in people’s heads. They may forget how good a product was, but they will never forget how they were treated.

8. Keep Up With Trends

A surface-level effort in staying updated with trends goes without saying; for instance, checking Twitter and Facebook for daily updates. However, knowing about current marketing trends in general and employing them as strategies in the digital world is important for the progress of the brand. You can learn more about the current trends in digital marketing in another blog post. (hyperlink)

9. Reputation Management

People will talk about you online whether you like it or not. This is why we suggest paying heed to what customers are saying about you online. Keep up with your reviews and a check on your negative reviews. If you do find a disgruntled customer or two, you will have to do some reputation management with a little diplomacy. This also ties closely to customer relations, so make sure they emerge satisfied- and do whatever it takes.

10. Don’t Undervalue the Visuals

Color psychology is now widely taught in undergraduate-level marketing courses. Certain colors have corresponding effects on the human brain and this branch of marketing takes this into account. This involves choosing color palettes, using specific filters on photos, and being consistent in both.

Once you have chosen a color palette, don’t just stop at the logo. If you want people to associate a certain color and aesthetic with your brand, use it across all platforms and use it repeatedly. At some point, the connection will be automatic.

Following all these steps may not yield prompt results, but once you have got a strategy down, stick to it and give it ample time to work. Persistence and patience are required for a successful marketing campaign. If you would like an expert’s advice on your social media management, hit us up at Business Marketing Solutions Group for a consultation or an alternate SMM strategy. Let’s find out why your brand isn’t generating as much attention online as it should!

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Evolving Trends in the Marketing World Tue, 03 Sep 2019 14:00:03 +0000 The main purpose of marketing is to draw potential customers’ attention to your brand or business. To keep doing that effectively over a long period, marketers must keep in mind the current trends that are saturating...

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The main purpose of marketing is to draw potential customers’ attention to your brand or business. To keep doing that effectively over a long period, marketers must keep in mind the current trends that are saturating the market and design their strategies accordingly. 

Your competitors are keeping up with the times, and if you want to stay in the race that is only getting tougher, have a look at these marketing trends you may have missed. They can not only help you market the brand better but also add value and equity to the brand by boosting its image in the public eye. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce was a dud as a digital marketing strategy in comparison to e-commerce when it came around. Now, it has been discovered to be a successful strategy by start-ups that use a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model. It showed that a great relationship could be built with the consumer without the involvement of a retail player.

By offering great product quality and valuing social interaction, social advertising converts clicks to actual purchases. This brings a new type of retail experience to the customers but is usually a tough act to follow. For content to be social and marketable it has to be intricately created which can prove to be a big challenge for the brand.


No longer is gaming only for teenagers. In 2018, the gaming industry gained monumental attention. The young people who were obsessed with Super Mario earlier are now into Pub-G, Fortnite, and other popular video games. This has opened up new doors in the world of marketing as well.

The advertising relationships and partnership opportunities are increasing, looming ever larger in the future. If a brand takes up the chance at the right time, there is a potential for exponential growth.

Social Causes

A good trend to follow is to become involved with a social cause. Depending on whatever is important to your brand’s personality, you can choose anything from animal welfare to gender equality to support. Aligning yourself with a cause adds equity to your company’s name. 

Some may consider it unethical to jump on social bandwagons to market a brand, and it may backfire by offending your audience. But as long as you are actually dedicated to the cause you are supporting and not just taking advantage of it, it is like killing the proverbial bird with two stones. Promise to donate a small portion of the gross profit to the cause yearly.


How you run your business, and especially how you treat your employees, matters to the consumers of today. They want to know whether the place they are spending their money at is ethical and environmentally conscious. Keeping transparency between the brand and the audience is becoming essential in the current era. 


Sustainability marketing is a way to build a relationship with consumers by letting them know you care about them and the planet. Improper disposal, unethical dumping, and other destructive acts by large companies threaten to ruin the delicately balanced environment, but you can make a change.

You can tell your customers that you care about their future generation by adopting environment-friendly acts; such as offering recyclability, launching sustainability campaigns, and being vocal about your views amongst other things.

Artificial Intelligence

More and more Smartphone users are opting to use voice-activated home systems such as Alexa by Amazon or the Google Home. They use these devices to search on the web and to purchase products- voice-activated AI is what they first turn to. To make the most of this, new trends are emerging in the digital world that would help relevant content reach relevant audiences in an increasingly precise manner.


Temporarily visible ‘stories’ have become a common feature in many social media platforms. Many brands have resorted to posting stories in vertical formats to fit the phone screen completely. In fact, story format marketing works about 15 times faster according to digital marketing surveys. 

To make the most of this platform, one requires a level of technical understanding with respect to short videos, stickers, geotags and a whole bunch of other accompaniments. Some brands use aesthetically pleasing images to catch the viewer’s attention, and offer easy access to the brand’s e-commerce website, often by just sliding up from the bottom of the screen!


Exaggerated marketing has become a thing of the past. Customers value authenticity and honesty from their brand; they would prefer an honest account of what you can and cannot do for them instead of an inflated idea. 

As the virtual world becomes integrated with the real lives of people, they want their brands to connect with them on a personal level. It is no secret that a successful relationship can only be built on trust and loyalty. 


The emphasis on influencers can be explained in connection to the need for authenticity. The microcosms they create on their social media platform of choice or personal blog are made up of real people- rather than hordes of programmed bots. 

This need for more authenticity means customers gravitate towards genuine sources of information. The opinions of these influencers are perceived as valuable. This is why brands have been approaching them ever more in the past few years.

If you are interested in knowing how these trends can work for your brand in particular, reach out to us at Business Marketing Solutions Group and we promise to help! You can get a consultation for a complete marketing strategy perfectly suited to the particular requirements of your business. 

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